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EngQ NoisE Studio - Command Room. Recording. Production. Mix. Mastering.

EngQ NoisE Studio

Recording. Production. Mix. Mastering.

EngQ NoisE is located in northern Denmark in the city 'Aalborg'. It is one of four sound studios which together call themselves The Brew. Primarily EngQ NoisE Studio works with single recordings and in the box productions, but multi-recordings can be arranged. Oliver EngQvist has studied Sound Design and Sound Engineering and has experience with large as well as small sound productions.

At EngQ NoisE Studio it is important that the artist has a comfortable and pleasant experience.

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Worked with

✪  Ida Nielsen (Prince)  ✪ Hans Zimmer (Extreme)  ✪ Sanne Salomonsen ✪ Rugsted & Kreutzfeldt  ✪ Ida Corr ✪ Medina ✪ Gregers ✪ Gregers & 1stMovement  ✪ Malo ✪ Russel Emanuel (Extreme) ✪ Adrian Crutchfield (Prince)  ✪ SM Entertainment ✪ Martin Brygmann ✪ Wafande ✪ Rasmus Walter ✪  Back To Back ✪ Anna David ✪ Joje Wadenius ✪ Peter A.G. ✪ Infernal ✪  Anna David ✪ Henrik Volf ✪ Poul Reimann ✪ Henrik EngQvist ✪ Jon Nørgaard  ✪ Zididada ✪ Bobo Moreno ✪ Jesper Sidelmann ✪ Cindy Laursen ✪ ReUnited ✪  WeEntertain ✪ Sound Seduction ✪ Sony Music ✪ Warner Music ✪ Extreme Music ✪  Northland ✪ Kawer Studios ✪ Lifted House ✪ DiscoWax ✪ Frederikke Bohr aka. FÉ ✪

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EngQ NoisE
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