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Oliver EngQvist - Guitarist


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‘Oliver EngQvist - Guitarist’

- is one of Scandinavia’s most active session & live guitarists. At a young age he “discovered” the guitar and rapidly became dependent on playing music. Soon he began playing different genres like Pop, Rock, R&B, Funk, Neo, Jazz fusion. Over the years he has toured the world playing everything from small venues to arenas, and has made appearances on TV shows as well.

Oliver is an educated sound designer and works as a musician, as well as a producer, mix and mastering engineer at his own company EngQ NoisE. When it comes to sound, ‘NERD’ is the best way to describe him. ‘Good sound’ is generally Oliver’s greatest passion.

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Oliver EngQvist

Worked with

✪ Ida Nielsen (Prince) ✪ Hans Zimmer (Extreme)  ✪ Sanne Salomonsen ✪ Rugsted & Kreutzfeldt  ✪ Ida Corr ✪ Medina ✪ Gregers ✪ Outlandish ✪ Østkyst Hustlers ✪ Joe Moe ✪ Gregers & 1stMovement  ✪ Malo ✪ Russel Emanuel (Extreme) ✪ Adrian Crutchfield (Prince)  ✪ SM Entertainment ✪ Martin Brygmann ✪ Wafande ✪ Rasmus Walter ✪  Back To Back ✪ Anna David ✪ Joje Wadenius ✪ Peter A.G. ✪ Infernal ✪  Anna David ✪ Henrik Volf ✪ Poul Reimann (The Antonelli Orchestra) ✪ Henrik EngQvist ✪ Jon Nørgaard  ✪ Zididada ✪ Bobo Moreno ✪ Jesper Sidelmann ✪ Cindy Laursen ✪ ReUnited ✪ WeEntertain ✪ Sound Seduction ✪ Sony Music ✪ Warner Music ✪ Extreme Music ✪  Northland ✪ Kawer Studios ✪ Lifted House ✪ DiscoWax ✪ Søren Sko ✪ Aura Dione ✪ etc.

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