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This page is for all the guitar neeeerds!!
Scroll down and experience what is "under the hood" of Oli's touring guitar rig. Everything from guitars, picks, strings and more!

Almost every piece of gear on this page is a part of an affiliate program. That means that if there is a piece of gear on this page that "you can't live without", you can buy it thru the blue "GET IT HERE!" button. This will support my journey as a musician. Thank you so much on beforehand!!

If you are looking for Oli's touring Helix preset Click HERE!


Yamaha Revstar RSP20

'Green Monster'

Build and refinished by Yamaha Scandinavia and Devantier Guitarsworks. This Revstar is fitted with all black hardware and Lundgren Guitar Pickups – “Black Heaven”. It has a Schaller Megaswitch P pickup selector to fit Oliver’s preferred pickup configurations.

Visit Devantier Guitarsworks

OBS! This Revstar is a Custom Shop (Japan) and is not available to buy anywhere. The "GET IT HERE!" button links to the closest Revstar model out there.



Yamaha AC5R


Yamaha CSF3M


Pedalboard - Line 6 Helix Floor

Helix and pedals Powered by Cioks Big John

Get Oli's Helix preset HERE!


Boss VO-1 Vocoder


Lundgren Guitar Pickups

Strat SSH configuration:

Black Heaven Big Alnico (Bridge)

'60s Vintage Single Coils

Humbucker Guitars:

Black Heaven (Neck)

Black Heaven Big Alnico (Bridge)


Richter Straps


Richter Strap Locks

Family & Endorsments

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